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Adoption Fees:

Adult cats (1 year and older) $150. 
Kittens (under 1 year) $200. 
Seniors (7 years or older) $100.

Bonded pair of adults (determined by case by case basis)

These fees include deworming, vaccines and spay/neuter.

All Adult Dogs (1 year and older) $250.

All Puppies (under 1 year)  $300.

Seniors (7 years and over) has an adoption fee $150.

These fees include deworming, vaccines and spay/neuter.

This site is updated monthly.

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This petite little gal is 1 year old Kate. Kate is a small tuxedo cat who is extremely loving and full of playful spunk. It takes Kate a while to adjust to new cats, dogs, and people, but once given time she can live contently in a multiple animal home.
Mahi is laid back, 1-2 year old female with classic tabby cat markings. She is spayed and up to date with vaccines. She currently lives in a home with a younger male cat and 2 large Labrador Retrievers. She gets along with everyone. Mahi knows her name and will come when called, especially if there is food involved. She will seek out snuggles and after she has had enough, will go back to sunbathing.
zip and wobbles
Zipzip and Wobbles are a bonded pair of brothers who are now 2 years of age. Wobbles is a special needs kitty. He was born with Hydrocephalus (water on the brain). He has tremors and mobility issues, but can get around quite well independently on single floor dwellings. His long term medical needs are unknown and will change with age. Zipzip and the other litter mates showed no signs of any ailments. The ideal home for these boys will be have a balance of a quieter environment..
Wringer and Flicka
I'm Wringer. I'm really looking for that special person or family with cat savvy little people. But... I have one favour to ask... could my brother Flicka come too? I realize it's a lot to ask, but he's shy and may not have the chance that my personality gives me. He takes a while to warm up to new people but once he earns your trust, he enjoys petting and has a cute little twitch to his tail. Please consider me, Wringer, and maybe my brother Flicka too for your next companions?
This Handsome fellow is S.K. (nickname for skittercat 😆). S.K. was was born in September of 2019 and has been with his foster family since last November. He is really starting to come out of his shell and is what we call a companion cat. Cats Companion Cats are just that, best suited to be company for another cat or animal. He eventually gets use to the people in the house.
Red Hood
I’m a sweet boy and want nothing more than to be around you. I love petting and chin scratches! I don’t like to be picked up for too long, but please keep me close, I just love to hang out, I’m pretty chill that way. Oh and I love to supervise in my foster mommy’s office, I’ll perch on the desk and just watch for a bit and then stretch out on her paperwork so I get some attention😹. It’s not all lazy days though, I may be older but I still love to play with my stuffed fishies..
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