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Foster Home Program


Since our community has no animal shelter, NOAWS, together with animal loving members of the community, care for abandoned animals until good permanent homes are found. Foster homes provide shelter, love and basic training to homeless animals, while the society provides medical care, food and supplies (when funds are available). Donations of food and supplies are always needed, and sometimes provided by generous individuals or businesses. Because the costs associated with fostering must be covered by the organization, we are always in need of good foster homes, dog houses, litter boxes, etc.


Adoption Programs


The animals that are in the society's care are placed with responsible pet owners who offer a life-long commitment to their animal companions, and who agree to neuter/spay the adopted pet (if it has not already been done). Prospective owners answer an adoption questionnaire, which enables the adoption coordinator match new owners and homeless animals. No animal may be passed to another owner without the express permission of the Society. The Society also maintains a registry of animals for adoption, for members of the public who wish to place an animal up for adoption, or who may be looking for a family pet.


Education Programs


Society members also visit schools, senior citizen residences, and other local organizations to inform and respond to questions regarding pet welfare, pet care, spaying and neutering, etc.


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